On Pi Day

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Pi day might seem insignificant to you. It really isn't, or that's what it feels like to me. I kind of illustrated it to some extent last year on the same day. It's a transcendental number, for god's sake. Take a minute to think about it.

Someone said to me, I was taking it too seriously. I wasn't actually. I'm not sure why someone would say that when I had just changed my cover picture and had wished everyone "Happy pi day" on my Facebook status. It was probably a selfish attempt to sound cool by appearing to be on the opposite side of what seemed mainstream at that moment. So selfish that they never realized those words could hurt. Whatever it was, it struck a chord inside.

But if you really think I take it too seriously, remember that I never said that to you when you were out there celebrating your own birthday, as if it had made a significant amount of impact on the universe. I just knew people are different. The state of their minds on the same day can be vastly different. It's tough to understand, I know. That's because those billions of connections in his brain, out of so many decisions and events stacked on top of each other, makes it so unique, you'll never even get close to understanding his point of view. But it's good to make an effort some times. It will make you a better person. There's only one way I can come close to explaining it to you.

Remember the day you first saw the grand canyon? Or remember the day you first kissed your loved one? Or hell, the day your grandpa died? Well, those were big days for you, weren't they? They moved you. While, they made no difference to me. Those were big for you, not for me. Today, for me, it is as big as that was for you then. But it isn't for you, today. It's alright. I come close to understanding it because I make an effort, think about it and am writing this.

You on the other hand haven't even made an effort to understand the difference. That is what makes you different. But I still understand.

If that doesn't make you a convert. Then I hope this article that appeared on the Newyorker will. [Link]


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