How is Tumblr for a Newbie Blogger?

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I have a couple of years of experience dabbling with blogging. I've discussed this in a previous post. Throughout the years I've unknowingly accumulated a vast amount knowledge on how blogs work etc.. My recent experience in dealing with a few newbies who wanted me to assist them to start a blog, made me aware of how nicely and effortlessly I could guide the starters. So, with an intention to share from this experience, I wanted to start a series of post that would guide a newbie blogger clearly, without any commercial fluff - straight from the heart - everything I know about blogging.

I have a big structure in mind for this series. For the start, I think, the first question a new blogger would ask - Which blogging platform should I use? This post doesn't answer that.
This post answers a very small part of that question. As the title suggests, it would be a useful guide for considering or eliminating the blogging platform - Tumblr - as your choice, for blogging.

Tumblr Background

Tumblr is a different kind of blogging platform and nurtures a very different guild of content creators. You can think of it like Twitter with some big differences.
The basic thing different about Tumblr is that it allows you to create rich content which is more than 140 words. But that is not all. Tumblr also allows you to create multiple blogs from a single account. Twitter doesn't allow that yet. Apart from that, the blogs you create are full fledged blogs, unlike Twitter - You can customize their look without much hassle. So, it isn't like Twitter but a lot like it. Do not get overwhelmed. By the end of this post you'll have a clear picture if or not you should use it.

Who should or shouldn't use Tumblr

Tumblr is a go-to place for newbie bloggers if they are looking for a blogging platform which provides them with any one or more of these things:

  1. A neat and clean looking blog that works perfectly without any code-tinkering. People who want to be more focused on creating content rather than managing the code, looks, widgets, sidebars etc. should go for Tumblr.
  2. People who are involved in creative work like photography, design, painting, sculpting etc, MUST use Tumblr. Such stuff is very likely to get noticed and appreciated by the Tumblr community.
  3. People who are looking to start a blog that would deal with an extremely focused niche. For example a blog that posts only pictures of legs that look like hot-dogs - Hot-dog-legs. Or this one which posts only pictures of white men wearing Google glass - WhiteMenWearingGoogleGlass. Sounds outrageous, but it gets noticed on Tumblr. These blogs that I've mentioned are actually super-hit blogs on Tumblr. And there are thousands like that.
  4. People who do not worry if someone is reading their blog or not, or who is looking at their blog, and write just for the joy of writing should use Tumblr.
  5. People who are looking to start an attached blog for their website, Tumblr is a great place for that - simple, hassle-free and quick.
  6. People who are not looking to make a living out of a blog can go with Tumblr. Although you can make money with a Tumblr blog, but Tumblr isn't a good choice if you are looking to make money out of your blog.
  7. People who are extremely picky about the looks, want things to be in the exact places and would tweak the code for hours to get things perfect, Tumblr is not a place for you. 
  8. People who are too worried about indexing, visitor-statistics, SEO and other blog optimisation techniques to land on Google's first page, no, don't start blogging on Tumblr. Wordpress is the place for you.
If you are still in a fix and you think your situation is a unique one, leave a comment below. I'll probably answer it within a day.


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