A Good way to Avoid Search Engine Penalty

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Google, or any other search engine, can penalize you for the littlest things and if you are being serious about blogging, not paying attention to these penalties can hurt your blog greatly. While I'm not an expert on SEO, I certainly have quite an experience in dealing with search engines. Unlike money making machines disseminating SEO advice out there, mine comes with no fluff (like QBT). So, here is an honest free blogging advice from me.

I run the website Awesci which is more or less, a blog. It is a kind of website that gets attention from people who love information and such people are abundant on Quora. Thus it was only natural that I decided to religiously share excerpts from my new posts on Quora. Under every post, I place a link back to the original article to make it easy for people to find it. This pasting-of-excerpts-ritual on Quora has got me quite a bit of attention lately. There's no way I'm stopping to do this. I'm here to talk about an insightful comment on one of my excerpts on Quora, I came across yesterday...

This started with a reader's problem when he decided to send me a feedback through a comment on Quora. He seemed irritated. This is what he meant:
I love your posts, but it is a pain to go to your website (by clicking the link under the excerpt) every time I have to read the whole post. 
I realized, the very thing I practiced - placing the link under every excerpt so people could find the whole post easily - had caused exasperation to somebody. And it matters to me because it gives me a newer perspective to look at things. The very things you do to make stuff easy for others can seem irritating from their perspectives.

Search Engine Penalty

To take care of this problem, the best thing I figured I could do was, to share complete posts on Quora. I would have happily done that. There is one big thing that stops me from doing that. Search engine penalty.

Search engines are not humans. Once they find that there is an article on Quora that is completely same as the article on your website, it will punish your blog for having copied content. It will rank your blog lower and your blog will start appearing on later pages. With search engines pouring 100s of interested people on your website everyday, who'd want that. That is the reason I don't post full posts on Quora. This is the reply I wrote to my irritated reader:

Thank you for the feedback.
I'm sorry I do this, never thought people would find it irritating. Now that I know it is irritating, I'll try and find a good solution for it.
Actually I do it for a reason. I'd have happily pasted the whole post here, but if I do that, Google and other search engines will penalize my blog and would say that I have copied the article. So I can't share the whole article on Quora. However, an excerpt is fine with search engines.
In fact there is a slick way to read whole articles without going to the site. You can subscribe it to mail. Subscribe
Another great idea to get updates would be to install a little extension for Google Chrome I made. AweSci - Science Everyday. But, again that will just show the headings of new posts and you will then will have to go to
the website. But it would certainly be better than opening Quora first...

The Solution

Instead of sharing full posts on places other than your blog, it is always better to give your readers an option to sign-up for a newsletter that sends complete articles in their mails. That is what I do. It is fairly simple and completely free thing to sign up for. It is called Feedburner.

Also, I have started adding a line to my excerpts on Quora after my reader's comment. It goes like this:
to get full posts in your email everyday, Subscribe the free newsletter at: Subscribe


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