Why do I need a blog?

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No one asked me that. I usually ask these things to my own self. And then I decide to write about it to make me understand. I think, composing a blog post to tackle the questions you want to get answers for, is one of the best ways to find good answers. And of course there is Quora. But it is going to be some time before we start finding answers to really specific questions like these on Quora.

So, the full question goes like this:
Why do I need a separate blog when I have AweSci?

Firstly, AweSci isn't exactly is a blog. It is a website (one-man-magazine) with a very narrow concept that says "one new thing everyday" and "Science Everyday". Both of these things put together mean that, on AweSci, I can only publish articles which are in some way related to science. That is one reason I can NOT publish the things I write here, on AweSci.

BTW I've split science into separate things that allow me to cover stuff from a wider collection of subjects. It includes subjects like Geography, Mathematics etc - because i see them as "Science of Earth", "Science of numbers" and so on. In the future, we might have a "Science of productivity". You get the idea...

Secondly, I'm a human being, though not a normal social one. Besides science, I do a lot of other things that I need to vent out. So, I have a personal blog for writing about anything under the sun. And of course, in the process, I make sure that at least one person sitting on the opposite side of the world may find it useful.

Experience is one thing which comes and we don't notice. I think, whatever teeniest bit of it you get, it needs to be shared. It doesn't decrease. Plus you get karma points for helping people. On the way, you also document your experiences.

Thirdly, to avoid pollution of subscriber inboxes: There aren't many, but I do have email subscribers for AweSci. They signed up because they liked the articles I wrote there and wanted to get new ones in their email everyday, for convenience. They never signed up for the kind of posts I write here. They wanted to read about science. That is what AweSci gives them.

Suppose I decide to share these posts on AweSci. Then they'd get included in the RSS feed and would start polluting the inboxes of my readers. Why would I do that? I hate to break trust because the crazy thing about trust is that you earn it after several hours of credible work and can break it in a second, just to never get it back from the same person. And the number of people who'll trust you are extremely limited. You don't want to lose them.

Finally, it is dead simple. Writing on AweSci can be a lot of work. I started AweSci as an excuse to help me learn one new thing everyday and as a side-effect, also help others do the same. Since the things I write there are usually new to me and I hate to be wrong, compiling good posts can take hours there. On the other hand, the things I write here come from the inside. They require a minimal effort. And I can write them in minutes. With this and all the other plus points mentioned above, why should not I write it then? So I have this blog running with AweSci.


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