What not to do on a blog

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I've started at least 15 blogs in a span of 10 years. Some of my early blogs were pointless, they were many, and on them, I was sharing random things I found online. In a matter of days, I used to forget about the ones I had created and soon lost control of it. In fact, each of these 15 blogs were like that.

Probably it was an effort to gather acknowledgement from strangers online. Nevertheless, through each of these blogs, I learnt a lot in terms of writing styles, formatting posts, good blogging habits etc... One of the most important thing I learnt was - what not to do on a blog.

Mrpant blog: I managed to get a good domain and with no proper blogging experience, I set up a Wordpress installation with the help of a friend and started writing. Like all the blogs around me used to do those days, I wrote about anything. It was the longest time I ran a single blog. I was too excited about it. With all the appreciation coming from the people I knew, it was going great. I never thought I'd let go of it.

What went wrong? The hosting. I had bought a dirt cheap local hosting. By paying almost nothing for several years, I had been pretty happy with it. 3 or 4 years later it started giving me weird problems. The customer care was of no help. I could have shifted to a new host. But I decided to let it go. Now I use Big Rock hosting.

The 30 day concept: One of my newest blog, on which I stopped writing after 3 months, was the one that made me happy initially. It was based on a concept that I'd try to learn something new for 30 days and share my experience everyday. Pretty soon I found out that it was not working. It was a great motivation for getting things done. I learnt quite a bit of Japanese in a month. But, most of the things I did lasted for about an hour everyday.  So there was not much to write about it everyday.

For instance, one month was allotted for running. Since I was doing the same thing, I found that there was nothing new I could write about what I learnt day after day. It was plain running, a bit of inspiration for the day, getting tired and the same thing next day. Even if I did write, there was a great chance no one would find it useful. Though I had started attracting a lot of followers, I thought of shutting it down. Then I had this other idea.

Science everyday: I started it on October 22 with a firm promise that, no matter what, I would write 1 new science article everyday and called it AweSci. My motivation was my love for learning new things. This idea seemed to be a perfect excuse for learning and documenting my ideas each day. With a fear that my motivation would transform from a love of learning to garnering more attention, I wasn't too keen on going public with it. 

One day, impulsively, I decided to reveal it to everybody. And what I had feared happened. I started worrying more about the visitor statistics. I was so badly addicted to metrics that I wasn't sleeping for nights and watching people come and go on the blog. At least this one of my fifteen efforts was actually working. But this wasn't why I started it for. To be able to produce better content for myself, I vowed to never look at statistics again (I did it just now).


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