Story Behind The New AweSci Look

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Shifted from Tumblr.  

Probably my future wife will hate me for this, but I’m a person who hates to lose control (It is kind of unrelated that I also hate people who lie). You can think of me as a male version of Monica from FRIENDS TV series. That was one reason I was using the zenhabits theme, zh2. It made things easy for me. To elaborate this, I find it easier to quote an excerpt from my FAQ section here. (You can skip this):
1. Content is the focus. This theme uses large text, no sidebar, extremely mild colors. Besides that, links don’t make the text look like a clown dressed in blue-black. Also, headings are bigger than the website name (what is in a name?) which means, content is the focus. In short, it creates a pure reading experience with nothing to distract the reader.
2. It is extremely easy to manage. I’m a control freak. Even a single misaligned pixel spoils my sleep. This theme contains very little to worry about and ensures that I sleep well at night. Everything in it, fits exactly as I want it to. There was just 1 thing I had to fix in the CSS – the video-container div in this theme’s CSS. Moreover, the theme directory also follows a minimalist style. So, even a non WordPress user can simply find the exact code he needs altered, in a matter of seconds.
3. Loads fast. It is a full text-only-theme. It uses no images at all. This reduces loads on my server and gives me one more less thing to worry about – the bandwidth. I don’t have to pay for heavy bandwidth too. That, in turn, enables me to keep the website ad free (okay I’m trying out very subtle ads for now to see how it changes things).
4. I love zenhabits. I’m an avid follower of the blog Zenhabits by Leo Babauta. Throughout the years, he has inspired me in a number of ways and I find it extremely satisfying to emulate his ways in every way possible.
But now, I’ve moved on to a newer theme called twenty fourteen. There are some reasons I’d not like to reveal for now. But there are several others which I’d like to share with you on why I’ve changed from zh2 to twenty fourteen.
As Always, the Story
Wordpress has just updated to the version 3.8, with a sparkling twenty fourteentheme. My hosting, BigRock, usually provides me with one click Wordpress updates every time, but this time it got delayed a bit. Not much, it was just a two day delay. I waited happily as I found it easier to wait for a few days and click one button to update rather than going through the trouble of clicking a hundred buttons and getting the same result. One, it was easier, but more importantly, It enable me to hack out several precious minutes for other pressing issues.
I digress…
So, I felt a strong attraction towards twenty fourteen – a theme which had just released with the new version of Wordpress. I hope you understand how vital events like these for a Wordpress geek. Plus, it was a magazine theme, perfect for a website like AweSci.
Basically, till now:
  1. It is a new theme.
  2. It is a magazine theme.
Pardon me. I HAVE to make lists.
Apart from that, technically:
  1. With side bars and top menu, it made navigation easier (people have complained about it in the past).
  2. It made me worry a lot less about the built in features that a theme comes with which zh2 lacks. Like, widgets, perfect responsive movement, page templates etc etc etc…
A few cons:
  1. It loads slowly on slow connections. Compared to zh2 (~90kb), the size of this theme (~1.5mb) is huge for a page. Also, consumes a shit load of bandwidth.
  2. It did not have an archives page template which I was able to code fairly easily.  
  3. Since it is new, the featured images slider/grid isn’t stable yet. I had to go around tinkering with it for several hours before I could get it right.
  4. No pure reading bliss. Sidebars and stuff take over.
  5. If compared to zh2, this beast is not easy to manage for a male Monica. There are a too many things going on.
PS: I did not sleep at night when I was thinking about changing the looks of my blog, lying on the bed. Not a second of sleep got through. And the moment I stepped out of the bed at 6:00 AM, I impulsively changed it to twenty fourteen. 7 hours of tooth picking followed. Then I could sleep in peace.


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