Copyright issues scare me

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Shifted from Tumblr. 

I’m scared of copyright issues. I have nightmares of my website being pulled down due to altercations with a photographer. So as a preventive measure, I thought of updating my FAQ with the following message.
Was your picture used?
I’m sorry if I used any of your copyrighted pictures here. You can send me a mail, comment, mention, etc. about it and I’ll remove it, as soon as I see it.
Since this website is run by a single man and is updated everyday, finding time to contact and waiting for responses from photographers is next to impossible. At the same time, it is important for me to make my posts look attractive by finding the best pictures.
In fact, I’d have been flattered if a website should have thought of using my pictures to adorn their articles. And since I don’t click pictures, I’d be happy if someone used my content with or without attribution. Sadly, not everyone thinks alike. And there is nothing wrong in seeking permissions for your handwork.
In the end, it was all done with a good intention in mind, nothing personal. If you still mind me using them here, you can rest assured that I’ll pull them down in a matter of minutes once you tell me to.
I hope AweSci, for the kind of free educational website it is, never faces any such issues. 


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