All eggs in a single basket

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Go away if you think you can't take something that sounds like a common motivational speaker mumbo-jumbo.

Firstly, being average isn't a bad thing.

Average people are the ones:
  • Who send their kids to school during the day and to a dance (or something else) class in the evening. Hoping that if the child fails at school, dance might save him/her in life.
  • Who go to work and at the same time search for other places to work at. Or do nothing more than just think of starting a business.
  • Who think that it is better to prepare for 2 different examinations than for just one - An apparently  greater chance to succeed. Having two goals makes the dart-board look bigger than it was with just one bulls-eye. Or is it?
Yes, almost everyone does that. I'm no saint. I myself have my hands dipped in so many things. But I'm better because realizing this is the first step towards making a difference. If you are reading this, we're on the same level; or you are better.
Humans like "backups". It is too hard for us to trust the effort we can make on just-one-thing. We think we are safe with  options.

What they say

They say, don't put all your eggs in a single basket. I have come to think of it as an incomplete adage. I believe there are 6 missing words that complete it. To put it clearly, the complete saying which I think actually works better practically is:
If you want to be average, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Traditionally, putting all eggs in a single basket has been thought of an unwise technique to avert risk since time immemorial. To lead a comfortable life free of risks, all you have to do is put 12 eggs in 12 different baskets. So, if one basket crashes, you can rest assured that there are 11 of them still intact. Or is it really that easy? May be it isn't as comfortable in real life as it seems with eggs.

No doubt, using several baskets is a seemingly comfortable, popular and an easy thing to do. Its apparent viability fools us into thinking, it is also a wise thing to do. Psychologically, the one good trait of "comfortable" leads us into believing that, on the whole, it is a wise thing that works every time.

And, by default, a simple comfortable life is what we are inclined to lead. Since most people love to take the easier path, following the same, makes you an average person.
This comfortable philosophy of distribution of eggs is also what leads the average person into assisting corporations prosper through out their lives.

Focusing all your effort towards a single thing sounds too risky. Think about this - you leaving your job and starting your own company - too risky. "What if it fails", is the first thing that comes to mind. Instead lead a stable 9 - 5 work life where almost nothing can go drastically wrong.

The point

Putting all the eggs in a single basket isn't as bad as they make it look like. Practically, it is better than using 12 different baskets. But, it sure is a tough path.

I've seen enough people start on muddy waters, struggle for several years of their lives, and put their souls into the single shitty thing they did. Each and every one of them have risen to a level above normal after years of work. They still fail, fall down and come up every time just like an ECG does. A flat ECG after all means that, it isn't a life you are living. You are dead.


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