A Tough Decision for AweSci

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Shifted from Tumblr. 

It has been very tough for me to decide this, but I think, I’m not going to post any post-excerpts from AweSci here anymore. I’m not sure, I might revert this back pretty soon too. So, if you think, I shouldn’t do this, you can get in touch through Twitter and share your views with me. 
Why I’m really taking this decision is mentioned here in this post:


According to what I’ve seen for a couple of day, a major part of Tumblr fails to pay attention to banal text based blogs unless they are from an established source. Since all of my posts on AweSci are like that, they fail to attract any attention here. What really does attract the Tumblr community is, images and other similar things that capture their attention in a few fraction of seconds. Unfortunately, my website doesn’t permit me that (due to time constraints).
At the same time, I love Tumblr for its elegance. Elegant is one word which captures everything I see in Tumblr. I’d put it up in detail in some other post later on. Basically, I love Tumblr. And I’d love to keep writing on it.
So, keeping both these things in mind, I’ll post things on Tumblr that I can’t on AweSci for various reasons - Like updates and other author to reader interactions. I’ve decided to treat this page like a huge company* would treat their blog. It is different from what their website is. At the same time, it is an essential part of the website. (The website in question is AweSci)
*By that, I did not mean to convey that I’m a huge company or something. I’m small, not even a legal company yet. Very small. Looking for ways to grow.


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